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Schoolhouse Desk

Many kids today are homeschooled, and Joanna designed this room to do just that. It is complete with ample space for books and classroom essentials. 

Product Details
  • Primitive Schoolhouse Desk - Salvage
  • Primitive Classroom Cubby Bookcase - Chimney
  • Letterbox Station (4 slots)
  • Gathering Pans with Magnolia Logo (Set of 2)
    44L" x 16W" x 73H" packaged
    42L" x 14W" x 73H" assembled
    35L" x 31W" x 12H" packaged
    32L" x 35W" x 30H" assembled
  • GATHERIN PANS W/MH LOGO SET/2 dimensions:
    12L" x 11W" x 6H" assembled
  • LETTERBOX STATION 4 SLOT 2/CTN dimensions:
    53L" x 8W" x 13H" packaged
    10L" x 2W" x 51H" assembled