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Profile + Proximity

This Modern Profile Upholstered Bed in is one of Jo’s eclectic favorites with its tapered wings and tall shelter bed profile. Joanna created this room to have a sleek current vibe, and you may easily recreate it in your own home with these same components. 

Product Details
  • Modern Proximity End Table - Carbon/Brushed Brass
  • Modern Profile Queen Bed - Chalkboard/Carbon
  • Modern Proximity Deck and Hutch - Carbon/Brushed Brass
  • Modern Proximity Man's Chest - Carbon/Brushed Brass
    51L" x 21W" x 59H" packaged
    48L" x 18W" x 56H" assembled
    39L" x 21W" x 35H" packaged
    36L" x 18W" x 32H" assembled
  • HB/FB,5/0 UPH W/SLATS-CAR/CHAL dimensions:
    66L" x 62W" x 9H" packaged
    68L" x 12W" x 64H" assembled
  • HB/FB,6/6 UPH W/SLATS-CAR/CHAL dimensions:
    80L" x 62W" x 9H" packaged
    84L" x 12W" x 64H" assembled
    38L" x 17W" x 62H" packaged
    35L" x 14W" x 56H" assembled
  • RAIL,5/0-6/6 UPH CHALKBOARD dimensions:
    76L" x 12W" x 8H" packaged
    75L" x 3W" x 11H" assembled