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Metal Stair Rail Youth Bedroom

Industrial pieces are designed with practical features with lots of functionality. This bedroom is a space saving dream with lots of storage for clothing and organizing belongings. Make this bedroom your child’s room.


Product Details
  • Industrial Metal Stair Rail Bed -Natural/ Kettle
  • Industrial Draftsman Chair - Milk Crate
  • Industrial Apothecary Metal Cabinet - Natural
  • Letterbox Station 3 Slot - Zinc
    19L" x 27W" x 38H" packaged
    20L" x 23W" x 39H" assembled
  • FB,3/3,STORAGE W/SLATS KETTLE dimensions:
    45L" x 21W" x 29H" packaged
    43L" x 19W" x 28H" assembled
  • FB,4/6 STORAGE W/SLATS KETTLE dimensions:
    61L" x 21W" x 30H" packaged
    58L" x 19W" x 28H" assembled
  • HB,3/3 METAL STAIR RAIL-KETTLE dimensions:
    45L" x 57W" x 4H" packaged
    43L" x 2W" x 54H" assembled
  • HB,4/6 METAL RAIL- KETTLE dimensions:
    61L" x 57W" x 4H" packaged
    58L" x 2W" x 54H" assembled
  • LETTERBOX STATION 3 SLOT 2/CTN dimensions:
    36L" x 10W" x 17H" packaged
    14L" x 4W" x 34H" assembled
    33L" x 21W" x 87H" packaged
    30L" x 19W" x 80H" assembled
  • STORAGE RAIL,3/3-4/6 1/CTN** dimensions:
    61L" x 22W" x 13H" packaged
    60L" x 21W" x 11H" assembled