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Framework Bedroom

Square shapes are clean and simple and this Industrial Bedroom with its bold vertical and horizontal lines was inspired by yesterday’s work spaces.  It’s a clean comfortable look that you will always love coming home to.

Product Details
  • Industrial Framework Dresser – Milk Crate finish
  • Industrial Framework Bed – Milk Crate finish
  • Industrial Framework Nightstand – Milk Crate finish
  • Boho Molded Shell Chair – Brown Polyurethane fabric
  • Sawbuck Desk – Barn Door finish
  • Metal Kinlen Box – Aged metal finish
  • Foundry Mirror – Blackened Bronze metal finish
  • CHAIR,SIDE MOLDED PU 2/CTN dimensions:
    29L" x 22W" x 24H" packaged
    20L" x 24W" x 34H" assembled
  • DESK,SAWBUCK - BARN DOOR dimensions:
    61L" x 31W" x 9H" packaged
    56L" x 28W" x 30H" assembled
    66L" x 20W" x 41H" packaged
    64L" x 18W" x 38H" assembled
  • FB,6/6-6/0,FRAMEWORK-MILK CRAT dimensions:
    83L" x 18W" x 8H" packaged
    80L" x 4W" x 14H" assembled
  • FOOTBOARD,5/0 FRAMEWORK W/SLAT dimensions:
    67L" x 18W" x 8H" packaged
    65L" x 5W" x 15H" assembled
  • HB,6/6-6/0,FRAMEWORK-MILK CRAT dimensions:
    83L" x 56W" x 7H" packaged
    80L" x 4W" x 54H" assembled
  • HEADBOARD,5/0 FRAMEWORK MILK C dimensions:
    67L" x 57W" x 7H" packaged
    65L" x 5W" x 54H" assembled
  • METAL KINLEN BOX dimensions:
    10L" x 10W" x 19H" assembled
  • MIRROR,FOUNDRY 36" BLACKENED dimensions:
    52L" x 37W" x 4H" packaged
    34L" x 1W" x 48H" assembled
    29L" x 21W" x 31H" packaged
    27L" x 19W" x 25H" assembled
  • RAIL,5/0-6/6 FRAMEWORK MILK CR dimensions:
    84L" x 15W" x 6H" packaged
    82L" x 3W" x 12H" assembled