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Mantel Bedroom

Joanna’s Farmhouse styling is welcoming, comfortable and timelessly fresh, and she has designed this bedroom to be all of that with its worn-in, mellow Bench finish. Let this room welcome you home every day by making it your own. 

Product Details
  • Farmhouse Mantel Bed - Bench finish
  • Farmhouse Five-Drawer Mantel Chest - Bench finish
  • Farmhouse Two-Drawer Mantel Nightstand - Bench finish
  • Farmhouse 72”H Tall Scalloped Floor Mirror - Bench finish
  • Farmhouse Bracket End Table - Bench finish
  • Parlor Settee Chair - Onyx fabric, Jo's White finish
  • CHEST, MANTEL - BENCH dimensions:
    40L" x 20W" x 57H" packaged
    38L" x 18W" x 54H" assembled
  • FOOTBOARD,5/0 MANTEL W/SLATS B dimensions:
    69L" x 28W" x 6H" packaged
    66L" x 4W" x 26H" assembled
  • FOOTBOARD,6/0-6/6 MANTEL W/SLA dimensions:
    87L" x 30W" x 6H" packaged
    82L" x 4W" x 26H" assembled
  • HEADBOARD,5/0 MANTEL - BENCH dimensions:
    70L" x 46W" x 6H" packaged
    66L" x 4W" x 68H" assembled
  • HEADBOARD,6/0-6/6 MANTEL BENCH dimensions:
    87L" x 47W" x 6H" packaged
    82L" x 4W" x 68H" assembled
  • MIRROR,FLOOR SCALLOP TALL 72" dimensions:
    75L" x 32W" x 4H" packaged
    29L" x 2W" x 72H" assembled
    32L" x 21W" x 33H" packaged
    30L" x 18W" x 30H" assembled
  • RAILS,5/0-6/6 MANTEL BED BENCH dimensions:
    85L" x 12W" x 5H" packaged
    82L" x 2W" x 10H" assembled
  • TABLE, END BRACKET BENCH dimensions:
    27L" x 23W" x 11H" packaged
    24L" x 18W" x 24H" assembled