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Dapper + Luxe

Life happens in the living room, and Joanna designed this Dapper Upholstered Sofa and Loveseat to have plush comfort and quiet elegance with its thick tufted bench seat, round arm bolsters and plush Emerald color velvet fabric. 

Product Details
  • Modern Dapper Sofa - Emerald
  • Modern Dapper Loveseat - Emerald
  • Modern Luxe Coffee Table - Marble Top/Brushed Brass
  • Modern Luxe End Table - Marble Top/Brushed Brass
  • CATHEDRAL WINDOW FRAME 46"1/CT dimensions:
    48L" x 3W" x 48H" packaged
    46L" x 1W" x 48H" assembled
    75L" x 21W" x 38H" packaged
    72L" x 18W" x 35H" assembled
  • LOVESEAT, EMERALD dimensions:
    70L" x 38W" x 25H" packaged
    69L" x 38W" x 36H" assembled
  • SOFA, EMERALD dimensions:
    90L" x 38W" x 25H" packaged
    89L" x 38W" x 36H" assembled
  • TABLE,COFFEE - MARBLE TOP dimensions:
    55L" x 32W" x 21H" packaged
    52L" x 30W" x 18H" assembled
  • TABLE,END - MARBLE TOP dimensions:
    28L" x 25W" x 27H" packaged
    26L" x 23W" x 24H" assembled