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Playhouse + Strut

Lovely for boys or girls, Joanna’s Boho Playhouse Bed in Salvage, promotes imagination in little ones. Joanna’s unique look comes together with functionality and a spice of cute design features.

Product Details
  • Boho Playhouse Canopy Bed - Salvage
  • Primitive Classroom Cubby Bookcase - Bench 
  • Primitive Strut SideTable - Bench
    44L" x 16W" x 73H" packaged
    42L" x 14W" x 73H" assembled
  • GATHERIN PANS W/MH LOGO SET/2 dimensions:
    12L" x 11W" x 6H" assembled
  • HB/FB,3/3,CANOPY W/SLATS SALVA dimensions:
    75L" x 46W" x 7H" packaged
    44L" x 3W" x 86H" assembled
  • HB/FB,4/6,CANOPY W/SLATS-SALVA dimensions:
    75L" x 60W" x 7H" packaged
    58L" x 3W" x 86H" assembled
  • RAILS,3/3,CANOPY- SALVAGE dimensions:
    86L" x 18W" x 5H" packaged
    44L" x 3W" x 14H" assembled
  • RAILS,4/6, CANOPY- SALVAGE dimensions:
    86L" x 19W" x 5H" packaged
    77L" x 1W" x 9H" assembled
  • TABLE, SIDE- STRUT- BENCH dimensions:
    20L" x 20W" x 29H" packaged
    19L" x 19W" x 27H" assembled