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Hairpin + Molded Shell

Joanna blended bits and pieces of fun vintage styles to bring together the look of this eclectic Boho Dining Room. This playful look lets you do it your way, so throw out the rules and make it your own.

Product Details
  • Boho 6’ Hairpin Dining Table – Milk Crate finish
  • Boho Molded Shell Chair
  • Boho Metal CafĂ© Chair
  • Saddle Seat Stool with Metal Legs – Milk Crate finish
  • Industrial Framework Deck – Milk Crate finish
  • Industrial Framework Hutch – Milk Crate finish
  • CHAIR,SIDE METAL W/WOOD 2/CTN dimensions:
    21L" x 28W" x 41H" packaged
    18L" x 24W" x 36H" assembled
  • CHAIR,SIDE MOLDED PU 2/CTN dimensions:
    29L" x 22W" x 24H" packaged
    20L" x 24W" x 34H" assembled
  • DECK, FRAMEWORK - MILK CRATE dimensions:
    42L" x 21W" x 37H" packaged
    40L" x 19W" x 34H" assembled
    41L" x 17W" x 56H" packaged
    39L" x 15W" x 54H" assembled
    24L" x 30W" x 24H" packaged
    23L" x 22W" x 29H" assembled
  • TABLE,DINING HAIRPIN 6' BARN D dimensions:
    75L" x 45W" x 7H" packaged
    72L" x 42W" x 30H" assembled
  • TABLE,DINING HAIRPIN 8' BARN D dimensions:
    99L" x 45W" x 7H" packaged
    96L" x 42W" x 30H" assembled