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Bellmead + Strut

Inspired from American Empire styles of the past, Joanna’s Bellmead Bed has quite traditional charm, giving your bedroom soothing peace. With relaxed character, this could be your master retreat by adding these elements to your own home.

Product Details


  • Traditional Bellmead Bed – Wheat
  • Traditional Bellmead Dresser – Wheat
  • Primitive Strut Side Table – Bench
  • Primitive Cobbler’s Bench - Wheat


  • COBBLER'S BENCH-WHEAT-1/CTN dimensions:
    81L" x 17W" x 7H" packaged
    78L" x 14W" x 18H" assembled
    68L" x 22W" x 38H" packaged
    66L" x 20W" x 40H" assembled
  • FOOTBOARD,6/6 W/SLATS BELLMEAD dimensions:
    86L" x 34W" x 5H" packaged
    82L" x 4W" x 27H" assembled
  • HEADBOARD,6/6 BELLMEAD - WHEAT dimensions:
    84L" x 69W" x 5H" packaged
    80L" x 4W" x 65H" assembled
  • RAILS,5/0-6/6 BELLMEAD- WHEAT dimensions:
    86L" x 8W" x 5H" packaged
    82L" x 2W" x 6H" assembled
  • TABLE, SIDE- STRUT- BENCH dimensions:
    20L" x 20W" x 29H" packaged
    19L" x 19W" x 27H" assembled